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PTA: Why Parents Should Get Involved

“I don’t have time!”

“There are other parents that want to”

“It’s just not for me”

EXCUSES!  When it comes to your child and their education, teachers, schools and communities, parents need to make the time and become interested in an organization that is targeted at making a better academic life for your child.

Concerns about public schools are much in the news, in recent times. Politicians, business leaders, college admissions officials, and academic researchers, have much to say about the quality, or lack thereof, of teaching methods and subject matter. How can a concerned parent make sense of it all and judge whether their child is receiving a proper education?

In the middle of it all, ignored by many and supported by not nearly enough, are local Parent-Teacher Associations. Local PTAs can and should be a valuable resource for any parent with questions, concerns, or ideas about how their children should be taught and cared for by schools.

Got Questions?

If you want to know how your school compares academically with local, state, and national standards, your local PTA can provide that information for you. If you have specific questions about how your child’s classroom operates, and what teaching resources your child’s teachers have available to them, your local PTA can help you obtain the answers you are looking for.

Your local PTA will be happy to provide informational materials, as well as offering you an ear for specific questions about curriculum and available services that you feel are not being addressed adequately by school administrators.

Got Complaints?

All local Parent-Teacher Associations have members that focus on parent concerns about teachers and/or classroom activities. Quite often, these concerns turn out to be based on misconceptions about classroom activities or one-sided reports from students to parents. If, after attempting to raise an issue with a teacher or administrator, a parent still feels the issue is not being properly dealt with, the local PTA can act as arbitrator or information collector in helping to find solutions.

Got Ideas?

If you think that you have ideas that would benefit your school’s ability to educate the kids in your community, the local PTA is a great place to bring your ideas for discussion. As a group, teachers are eager to hear any ideas you may have about helping them work better with your children. A local PTA gives you direct access to teachers ears, whether your ideas are about general teaching or specific issues with teaching your child.

This is, in fact, the major reasons that PTAs were created; to help teachers and parents work together in answering each other’s questions and addressing the education needs of students.

Got Time?

If you have even a few hours per month that you can devote to increasing the quality and responsiveness of your community’s schools, consider volunteering with the local PTA. I’ve heard other parents speak of Parent-Teacher Associations as if they are purely teacher’s advocacy organizations. That’s not the case. Teachers have unions for that sort of thing. PTAs are set up to foster connections between teachers and parents, to address issues of concern and improve the ability of both parents and teachers to help students achieve and grow.

As a parent, you have the opportunity and ability to get in there and be part of the solutions that help both teachers and other parents understand, improve, and grow in their ability to give students the best possible education. Don’t ignore your local PTA. Support it, join it, help it grow and be as effective as possible in this critical and difficult endeavor.

Source:  Babysitters

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Sue Scheff: Fathers Getting Involved in Parenting – All Pro Dads

School is opening soon and parents are scrambling to get school supplies, uniforms books and other things needed to start off the school year.  There is one item you can’t forget, that is yourself!

Parent involvement has a positive impact on their child’s academic and social life in school.  It can be difficult with many single parent households or parents that are working more than one job to make ends meet, but your child’s school should be high on your priority list. Even if you can only volunteer an hour a month, it makes a difference.

Many think that parent involvement is focused around moms, don’t be fooledFathers are needed and wanted!  More and more dads are getting involved and finding the time to make a difference their child’s life.

All Pro Dad’s is a simple idea with a profound impact. It’s a one-hour monthly breakfast held before school where fathers and their children meet with other dads and kids in the school cafeteria or a local restaurant. During this time, they discuss a wide range of family topics, spend time together, create fun memories, and are equipped with resources to strengthen their relationship. For more about All Pro Dad’s, please watch the short video.

Is your community or school participating in All Pro Dad’s?  In Broward and Dade County, we are home to many athletes.  If they are your neighbor, introduce them to this great organization and start inspiring others to join.  Find a chapter near you, click here. Remember, family first!

Meet your team captain and read more.

Sue Scheff: Teachers, Parents and Schools Join to Enhance Education for Kids Today

schoolfamilySchools are now opening in many areas of our country. As a parent we need to know what resources are available to help enhance your child’s academic year.

I am listing some great organizations that are targeted at assisting schools, teachers and parents to work together for a common goal: your child’s education.

Many of these groups you have heard of; but have you become involved? With today’s stressful economic times, as well as families going in so many different directions, it is more important than ever to become involved in our child’s education. They are our future.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – Every child. Once Voice. PTA advocates have been at the heart of our nation’s greatest advances for youth. This year they installed their first male President of the PTA. Follow the PTA on Twitter at @PTAEditor to keep up to date with their progress and programs.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) – Helping parent leaders make better schools.  PTO‘s are found at all types and levels of schools – public, private, parochial, charter, elementary, middle school, HS, etc.  Expert advice and real-world insight on how to build parent and community involvement in school, recruit and manage volunteers, and more. Follow the PTO on Twitter at @PTOToday and stay informed.

School Family – Your go-to guide for school success. This website and their Blog offers volumes of great information from academics and studying to finding the right school for your child. School Family also offers a community to share ideas, tips and learn from other parents of school-aged kids facing the same challenges – and triumphs – you may be. Follow School Family on Twitter @SchoolFamily and stay connected.

Great Schools – Giving children a greater opportunity to succeed by inspiring and guiding parents to be effective champions of education at home and in their communities. A fantastic educational website that can give you timely articles and insights on schools today. Follow Great Schools on Twitter @GreatSchoolsorg and learn more.

There are many more, but here is a jumpstart for your child’s new school year!

For more info: Be sure to visit the above websites and follow them on Twitter.

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Sue Scheff: PTA Announces first Male National President

Being a Parent Advocate, I am often asked to post valuable information parents need today.  This morning a Press Release came and I am happy to post it on my Blog.  PTA’s and PTO’s are a major part in raising our children today. Take an interest, listen and learn how we can better help our schools, teachers, professional, parents and more.


LIVE WEBCASTWednesday June, 24th, 2009 – 2:00pm EST
We are definitely in an era of change! An organization once known as the Congress of Mothers will now be lead by two men! For the first time in its 113-year history, the National PTA will install a father as its National President. That’s why PTA is offering an exclusive LIVE webcast, so you can be the first to meet the new National PTA President, Chuck Saylors, who will be installed at the PTA national convention on June 28th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The webcast will also feature Byron V. Garrett, the organizations first-ever male CEO, and offer the opportunity for parents who can’t attend the convention to reap the benefits of asking each expert questions via email and have them answered during the live webcast!

As new online strategies take the world by storm, Saylors and Garrett will focus many of their upcoming efforts on getting parents and teachers involved with new tools by offering conversation and updates on Facebook and Twitter, engaging National PTA members with these new Social Media platforms.

The webcast will also offer information on important topics such as: strategic planning and priorities for the National PTA for the next two years, how National PTA is working with the Obama Administration and reauthorization of NCLB, positive impact of male involvement and ways in which men can get involved, and summer tips to stay ready for back to school season!

Please join us at 2:00PM EST on June 24th for this LIVE webcast event. Please register today for the webcast – click here: http://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=59459. Thank you!

As a bonus this webcast will also offer the following:

1.       Strategic planning and priorities for the National PTA for the next two years
2.       How National PTA is working with the Obama Administration and reauthorization of NCLB
3.       Positive impact of male involvement and ways in which men can get involved
4.       Summer tips to stay ready for back to school season
5.       And so much more!