Tough Love: Is it Teen Help?

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How much is a parent supposed to tolerate before they reach their wit’s end?

How many times do you blame negative behavior on the friends they are hanging with, since your teen would never act like this? (Not my Kid)

How long do you continue to allow your teen to speak to you with disrespect and defiance?

How much is too much?

Let’s face it, parenting teens today has become more challenging than years before.  Think about your generation.  When your parent said to be home at 10:00pm, most were home by 9:50pm.  Why?  Because we respected our parents.  We also knew there would be consequences.

Was that considered tough love?  Not really, it was simply following the rules of the house.  These simple boundaries seem to have disappeared in many homes.

Is it because there are more single parent households?  Is it because most families have both parents working, meaning there is less supervision?

Without a doubt, the level of respect that some teens show today is despicable.  No matter what the reason is, your teen is creating tough love – and it gets tougher to love them as they continue to defy us, yet we will always love unconditionally.  Could this be why they push our buttons?

Years ago we rarely heard about residential therapy.  Today these boarding schools are busting at the seams as teens are learning to appreciate what they had at home.  Is residential therapy tough love?  No, residential therapy it is about regaining your child back. Tough love can be part of the process.

Visit and for more information for private residential therapy.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer and healthier teens.

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Sue Scheff: Suicide Prevention – Learn More

Each year over two thousand of Florida’s citizens take their own lives. This number is more than twice the number of people murdered and significantly higher than the number of HIV related deaths. Florida ranks third in the nation for the highest number of suicide fatalities and has the 18th highest suicide rate. Suicide is the state’s 9th leading cause of death. – Hope Promote Hope

The recent headlines of Marie Osmond’s son’s suicide with the death and apparent suicide of the TV actor of Growing Pains, Andrew Koenig, the time is now to learn about depression and prevention of suicide.

On March 24th, 2010 is Florida Suicide Prevention Day. This couldn’t come a better time.  Suicide Prevention Day at the Capitol is an annual statewide event in which the Statewide Office of Suicide Prevention and the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition are joined by advocates, survivors, grassroots organizations, youth, and other state agencies to bring suicide to the forefront as a public health issue.

Florida Suicide Prevention Day flyer, click here. Help promote education and awareness.

Lighting the Darkness, an evening to remember lives that were lost to suicide is on March 22nd, 2010.

Be an educated parent, you will have a safer and healthier family.

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