Teen Dating: 10 Places Teens Go on a First Date

It’s a big deal when teenagers are finally allowed to date. But, since most young’ins are strapped for cash, can’t drive and have to be home before midnight, they’ve got to get creative when planning a fun first date that their parents will approve of their date will enjoy.

Here are 10 places teens go on a first date:

  1. Movies: The movies are a popular place for teens to go to on a first date because it’s casual, cheap and fun. They can go to a matinee or use their student discount to save money on tickets and put it towards important things like popcorn and candy.
  2. Ice Skating Rink: Ice skating is a fun and romantic first date for teenagers, especially if one person needs help skating. They can hold hands and talk as they circle the rink, and sip on hot chocolate when the Zamboni resurfaces the ice.
  3. Arcades: Many teen first dates take place in arcades because it’s good old-fashioned fun. Teens love to challenge each other to a game of air hockey, skee-ball and Ms. Pac-Man, while playfully flirting over who’s better. Arcades offer hours of fun and are relatively cheap.
  4. Restaurants: Many teenagers’ first dates involve going to a restaurant. Teens probably won’t have enough money for anywhere nice, but they can typically afford pizza, burgers and other inexpensive meals. Hopefully, they know to tip and how much is appropriate.
  5. Dances: Teenagers love to dance, and considering the amount of dances that happen every year, it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite activity for first dates. Teenagers can bring their dates to school dances, church dances and other dance functions, where they can hang out with friends and show off their cool dance moves.
  6. Mall: Teens love to stroll the mall and shop during first dates. They might buy some candy at the candy store, peruse the kiosks or make a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop. But, teens don’t have to buy anything to have fun at the mall &mdash they can just hang out and talk at the food court, arcade or movie theater inside the mall.
  7. Bowling Alley: The bowling alley is a popular place for teenagers’ first dates because it’s fun and interactive. They can play against each other or form teams with friends to make it competitive and a good time for all participants. Bowling can get expensive, but teens might be able to go at cheaper times and use student discounts.
  8. Miniature Golf: Teens love to play miniature golf on first dates because it’s cheap and good ole’ competitive fun. They can talk and get to know each other while put-putting along. Afterward, they can check out the go-karts or challenge each other in the arcade room.
  9. Coffee Shop: Teenagers may not be coffee drinkers, but they sure do love to meet up at local coffee shops for their first dates. No matter your age, it’s always fun to sit down in a comfy chair and get to know someone over a cup of Joe or hot chocolate.
  10. Paintball Park: Teens love to take their dates paintballing because it’s a fun and competitive activity. It may not be the most romantic thing to treat your date like a blank canvas, but it is a great way to ease the first date jitters and see a different side of your date.

Special contributor:  Mary Edwards

Q.  How old should your teen be when they first start dating?

A.  It depends on the teenager.  Some teens are more mature and ready than others.  The average age, depending on the parents rules, is usually around 15 or 16 years old.

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