Choking Game Takes Another Young Life

Talk to your teens about these "games".

As the death of a 13 year-old spreads over state lines, it is also a wake-up call to all parents about these deadly games that adolescents play. The choking game, which is anything but a game.

Andrew Wright once joked about this game with his friend.  Today, his mother, Beth Petrone-McNair, is making funeral arrangements for him. He was an eight grader that had a bright future and many friends.

This story has ignited South Florida as it is a terrible reminder of how wreckless teenagers can be.

The Choking Game is a misunderstood activity causing death and suffering for thousands of families worldwide. It often begins with high-achieving teens choking each other as a way to get high without the risk of getting caught with drugs or alcohol. It ends with thousands of kids dying or suffering permanent brain damage each year.

Warning signs your adolescent may be playing deadly games:

  • Any suspicious mark on the side of the neck, sometimes hidden by a turtleneck, scarf or permanently turned-up collar.
  • Changes in personality, such as overtly aggressive or agitated.
  • Any kind of strap, rope or belt lying around near the child for no clear reason—and attempts to elude questions about such objects.
  • Headaches (sometimes excruciatingly bad ones), loss of concentration, flushed face.
  • Bloodshot eyes or any other noticeable signs of eye stress.
  • A thud in the bedroom or against a wall—meaning a fall in cases of solitary practice.
  • Any questions about the effects, sensations or dangers of strangulation.

Source: G.A.S.P., WHNT News

Communication is key to prevention, talk to your teens today!

Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens.

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