School Lunches: The Not-So-Skinny Facts On School Cafeterias

It is a fact, childhood and teen obesity has been on the rise over the past several years if not longer.  Over the past year more and more reports are coming out about the dangerous health issues our children and teens will be facing if they aren’t already by continuing the unhealthy eating habits.

Last year Food Revolution woke up an entire town in West Virginia and alerted our country to taking a closer look at what your school cafeteria is serving.

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama has championed the campaign to Let’s Move and visited our local students in Weston at Falcon Cove Middle School.  This exciting and educational visit inspired the students to get out and get moving and create an active lifestyle.

Now that school has opened are parents and students still thinking about eating healthy?

Kids Health suggests the following strategies to help steer kids toward healthy food choices, at school and at home:

  • Look over the cafeteria menu together. Ask what a typical lunch includes and which meals your kids particularly like. Recommend items that are healthier, but be willing to allow them to buy favorite lunch items occasionally, even if that includes a hot dog.
  • Encourage kids to take a packed lunch, at least occasionally. This can put you back in the driver’s seat and help ensure that kids get a nutritious midday meal.

According to Connect with Kids today, less than 6 percent of high schools require juniors and seniors to take physical education. There is also an “enormous decrease” in the number of school playgrounds. And recess has disappeared in many elementary schools where principals, anxious about preparing students for high-stakes standardized tests, have deemed it “nonproductive.”

Read the 10 Shocking Facts About Your School Cafeteria’s as a reminder for this year.

Be an educated parent, you will have healthier teens!

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