Sue Scheff: Helping Teens that are At-Risk – Waves of Change

If you are a parent of a teenager today or know someone raising a teen, there is little doubt the challenges today can be stressful and in some cases, drive you to your wit’s end.

In Jacksonville, for over 25 years, Safe Harbor Maritime Academy (formerly Safe Harbor Boys Home), has been changing the lives of young boys that were otherwise at-risk and need a second chance.

About Safe Harbor Maritime Academy:

Safe Harbor Maritime Academy founded in 1984 as Safe Harbor Boys Home in Jacksonville, Florida is a Christian residential education program using the waterfront as a residential and educational facility for teenage boys.

Providing a safe, stable, structured, alternative home environment, boys live aboard vessels, learning seamanship and maritime skills as well as studying for a high school diploma.

With today’s expanding technology as well as the demands that peer pressure can have on today’s youth, some families turn to residential therapy.  Contrary to what some may believe, this is a great opportunity to give your teen a second opportunity at a bright future.  It is not about shipping your kid off, or wanting to just rid yourself of the troubles.

Deciding to use outside residential services is a major decision, both emotionally and financially.  If you are interested or feel you need these services, please visit

Building a child up to make better choices is the goal. If they have turned to drug experimentation, failing in school, hanging out with less than desirable peers, it may be time to reach out.  Don’t be a parent in denial, be proactive.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer and healthier teens.

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