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Sue Scheff: Teens with Entitlement Issues – Spoiled Brats – What can parents do?

Generations earlier many kids saved their money to buy a record, or what some may call a 45 record.

Today some teens believe they don’t have to save their money or even be responsible for saving money since they can simply ask a parent or grandparent.  They expect their parents to afford cell phones, computers, text messages, those hundred dollar jeans and sneakers as well as having their hair and nails done at upscale salons.   We are in a society of entitlement issues!

Yes, this is as good as it gets and certainly can’t get much better for some teenagers.  What parents are not realizing is that all this giving is not helping our teens grow into responsible adults.  It is true, many parents want their children to have more than they did – or not have to struggle the way their parents did, however in reality, those struggles actually have taught life lessons.

Now, in the middle of a financial meltdown in many homes, teens are feeling the squeeze and are having a hard time giving up their tech toys, if they are being asked to.  Although this is not about depriving your children, it is about teaching accountability and responsibility during hard times. 

Asking your teenager to get a part-time job or summer job to help pay for their text messages or those highlights in their hair, is not being a bad parent.  It is about helping them to understand that learning to budget and save at a  young age can help them be better adults in their future.

Check out Teen Summer Job Sites. 

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