Sue Scheff: Racial Profiling – Black teens asked to leave store

Today we live in a melting pot. Our children are exposed to many diversities of life through a wide variety of cultures and languages. Generations earlier the divide seemed to be clearer. There were the “white” neighborhoods and the “black” neighborhoods.

Unfortunately there is still some racism that exists with some people. Whether it is your grandparents or parents, adults from prior generations have a harder time accepting all walks of life. Children today are more likely not to see color, race, religion.

A series on ABC News, What Would You Do, explored this exact issue and the results were shocking.  It is a common form of racial profiling and actually has a name, shopping while black.  This type of profiling is still happening today.  Watch the video below and you won’t believe your ears or eyes.

Teaching tolerance to our teens is part of parenting.  Although in some cases, it is clear our teens have to educate our parents and especially our grandparents.

Thinking back to the last presidential election, there were elder white people that simple wouldn’t vote for a colored man.  Yes, that word came up more than we realize.  It is was the generations of years past. 

Tolerance is often taught in subtle ways. Teaching your children to think before they speak before they can speak and watch your own behavior.  Children will imitate their parents. Kids of all ages develop their own values, in great part, by mirroring the values and attitudes of those they care about.

In Florida, the ACLU is raising pubic awareness of Racial Profiling.  Racial profiling is rooted in racism, a problem that has persisted in our country for some time.

Be an educated parent, your teens will have a healthier and brighter future.

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