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Sue Scheff: Mother’s Day – Please Delay

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching on May 9th this year, some people scramble to find the perfect gift to show their mother how much they are appreciated.  Some struggle with the loss of a mother, while others debate whether to honor their mother.

Are you the parent of a teen that is also celebrating Mother’s Day?  16 and Pregnant is a reality show that has received a lot of attention with both parents and teens.  In the season finale, Dr. Drew hosts a round table discussion with  the 10 teens that gave birth. 

What you will learn is that many of these girls believe that getting pregnant (or making the decision to keep the baby verse adoption or abortion) will help them to keep their boyfriend too.  Most all of these teens express how much harder it is to be a mother than they expected. 

A light bulb moment is the fact that school is suddenly so important to these girls, which is great, but why didn’t they think of this prior having sex without protection?  Some of the girls admitted they didn’t care about school prior this major event (teen pregnancy) and now would give anything to have their teen years back and how they would do things much differently. (Watch video below)

Although they all love their babies, whether they kept them or gave them up for adoption, there is a common thread that goes through the group.  Having a baby is not  easy.  Having a baby doesn’t keep your boyfriend.  Having a baby is extremely exhausting.  Having a baby has changed their life dramatically and not always for the best. Watch a series of video segments, click here.

So on this Mother’s Day, if you have a teen or are a teen, take the time to understand that being a mother is a very special job.  At the same time, it is one of the most difficult and stressful.  Talk to your teens about sex education.  It can be a sensitive subject, but it is a lot less painful than those midnight feedings!

Remember teens, it’s your sex life, know the risks and be smart about it!

Remember parents, communication is key, talk to your teens today!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Read more  and watch video.