Sue Scheff: Mean Girls Attack Virtually

As many are learning, cyber sticks and stones can hurt your bones deeply and scar emotionally.  As reported on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, renown author and educator Rachel Simmons discusses the need for parents and schools to establish anti-bullying policies.

Although there may be times when authorities, such as law enforcement need to intervene, as in the Phoebe Prince case, the main directive should be from both parents and the schools.  Education is key to prevention.  Be part of the solution and be proactive in speaking out and fighting against bullies and cyberbullies.

In Florida, 5th grader Dalton Reynolds with the help of her mother, who is a teacher, took the initiative and formed an Anti-Bullying Club in their school.  If an elementary student can do this, why can’t teenagers? 

A teenager’s social life is one of the most important things to a teen.  When ugly gossip arises about them, the emotional roller coaster can be damaging not only to their self esteem but to their mental well-being.  As we witnessed in the recent tragedy of Phoebe Prince, the constant stream of ridicule, teasing and harassment allegedly drove her to her death.

Today we are hearing about Facebook groups surfacing that are targeted at insulting, hurting, harming and literally destroying lives of teens emotionally.  Teens are waking up to find themselves on a “naughty list” or even a “wannabe who-e list“.  Thankfully Facebook is taking steps to remove these ugly pages and monitoring new groups as they form. 

Help be part of the solution.  Start an Anti-Bullying Club in your school.  Every voice counts.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens.

Watch video  for more insights on how teens are fighting back.  Read more.