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Sue Scheff: Teen Obesity – Food Revolution – French Fries are a Veggie?

As Jamie Oliver’s new show continues to explode with the reality of how unhealthy eating can effect our lives and shorten them, one of his recent episodes shocked us as he was told that “French fries count as a vegetable”.

Maybe this is not shocking to some dieticians, however to many people this was a moment of that left us scratching our heads.  You mean greasy French fries are considered a veggie?  Seems strange,  however that is exactly what a food service director stated on Food Revolution in an elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia.

So do French fries count as a vegetable? Yes, they do, according to the government.

French fries have been on the list of “fresh” vegetables since 1996 under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act. They are considered fresh because they fall short of the guidelines that would qualify them as “processed.” 

“When I found out that a French fry was considered a vegetable, it insulted me, it upset me, and it was a small little inkling as to why maybe we have the problems that we’ve got,” said Jamie Oliver.

If you would like to do something about making a change, you can start by signing Jamie’s Petition.

First Lady Michelle Obama is also promoting healthy eating options, exercise and education on making better food choices with the Let’s Move Campaign which she recently brought to South Florida.

Be an educated parent, you will have healthier teens and children.

Watch video  for the French fry controversy. Read more.