Sue Scheff: Parenting Books, and books and books!

bookparentingsolutionsBooks, books, and more books! How many books on parenting can there be? Tons!

Since school is opening and parents may have some spare time, here are some educational books that I have reviewed and found to be valuable resources. As a Parent Advocate, I am mainly focused on teenagers; however these books cover tweens and teens, so hopefully there will be one that you may find beneficial.

The BIG Book of Parenting Solutions by Dr. Michele Borba, Parenting Expert and Today Show Contributor, has given us the best of the best! I am fortunate have a “sneak peak” as it will be released on September 14th, 2009. Watch Michele Borba on The Today Show on September 16th as she talks about this phenomenal book of parenting solutions!

Teen Secrets to Surviving and Thriving by Lori Hanson is a quick and easy book to read that both you and your teen can read. Lori connects both the parent and the teen which offers you a great way to open lines of communication.

A Beautiful Boy by David Sheff is a parent memoir that will probably always be my all time favorite. David takes you on his journey with his son Nic that, sadly, I hear this story too often at my organization. This memoir is why when your teen is 17  and struggling; you have to realize it is your last opportunity as a parent, to get your child outside assistance. Once they are 18, they don’t have to get help unless they are willing, and unfortunately, sometimes it is too late. A must read for any parent with an “adult” teenager that seems to be going in a negative direction.

A Parent’s Guide to Middle School Years by Joe Bruzzese was so “on” I passed the book to my sister who will have a middle schooler. Joe covers everything from school supplies to bullying to your child’s locker! Yes, this book is full of valuable information for parents with kids entering or in middle school.

A Relentless Hope – Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression by Gary Nelson tugged at my heart. Gary boldly tells the struggles with their son and the roller coaster ride with teen depression. If you suspect your teen is suffering with depression, pick this book up – be an educated parent.

You’re Empowered! Parenting Teens with Conviction, Communication and Love by Sue Blaney is amazing! This DVD and book collection is comprehensive and doesn’t miss a beat in raising our kids today. Also check out Sue’s “Please Stop the Roller Coaster” – the secret to raising teens is communication!

Middle School Confidential Series by Annie Fox is a great read for both parents and teens. The illustrations are engaging and the subject matters are timely. Annie incorporates “real” teen voices and gives you an upfront and personal look at being a teen/tween today.

Grumble Bluff  by Karen Beasey Pease offers a fictional book for both parents and tweens/teens on the subject of bullying. This book totally captured me and I am anxious for her next book to find out what happens next! Bully is such a hot topic today, that I believe if more would read this story, you would understand what these kids are going through.

Wit’s End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of- Control Teen by Sue Scheff  is my book. If you are considering residential therapy or have a teen that is going down a negative road, this is a must read.

There are many more that I have reviewed (and loved). You can visit my Book and Website Review Blog  as well as recommended reading for parents on my website, to see more. I will write another article soon about more great books I have read!

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