Sue Scheff: The Rhythms of Parenting

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July 8th, 2009 by Sarah Newton

How do you naturally parent?

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the natural rhythm of parenting and how it is different for us all. I believe we all have our parenting flow or rhythm, so to speak, and for each of us it will be unique. However, what I think happens is that modern life takes over and we seem to be in one rhythm constantly and that is overwhelm and stress. I saw this very funny cartoon the other day with two parents giving their child a games console, saying, “Now Jenny, I am afraid you will have to bring yourself up as we are far too busy!” It made me laugh but it is so true. We need, I think, as a society to get out of our fast, manic everyday rhythm and slow down to a more natural and nurturing rhythm in our homes. Parenting is not supposed to be manic and full of stuff, it is supposed to be joyful and fun! However, what we often don’t do is stop and move from one rhythm to another.

So with all this on my mind, I started coaching some of my clients into their own parenting rhythm, which is very cool. And then one client totally blew me away. She said that a family is like an orchestra; each instrument has its own voice and its own purpose and must be allowed to play its own note to sound beautiful. When everyone in the family is playing like that you have an amazing harmony, you create your own perfect song. Well, don’t we just love that and how true is it? At that, I have declared I am the saxophone!

So before you move quickly from one thing into another, stop and take a deep breath. Ask yourself what rhythm is needed?