Archive | June 15, 2008

Parents Universal Resource Experts (Sue Scheff) How to hang with your Teen

By Shoulder to Shoulder 

Ok, we know it may seem like an oxymoron: parents and teens having fun together? It has been known to happen. Whether its family activities, time just for you and your teen, special events and trips or just the every day activities around the house, find ways to create fun and connections with teens.


  • Read the same book and then talk about it. 
  • Take a class together. Try dog obedience or cooking classes.
  • Go out for lunch to celebrate the beginning of the school year.
  • Celebrate half birthdays with a special family meal.
  • Share a subscription to a favorite teen magazine and talk about one article.
  • Cook a special meal together for someone who is ill.
  • Go to a music store and listen to their favorite CDs. Then have them listen to our music. (Ignore the groans.)
  • Take your teen to work with you.
  • Build something together.
  • Take a trip by car and visit places that were special to you when you were your teen’s age.
  • Go for a bike ride with one of their friends and the friend’s parent.
  • Have a favorite “breakfast diner” and eat there once a month.
  • Schedule your lunch hour during your teen’s lunch break – check them out of school and take your teen to lunch.
  • Ask your teen for suggestions.


It is Father’s Day today – many teens may take this special day to spend time with their dad, and sadly some don’t have a father, however have a special person (mother, grandparent, uncle, mentor) that is like a father to them. Take time today to spend with your special person – some that may not be perfect, but loves you unconditionally.