Sue Scheff: Spoiled, Entitled and Materialistic Kids

teenfash.jpgBy Connect with Kids

We’ve seen them, heard them, some of us may even be raising them ourselves: children who want more, faster, bigger, better. Cars, cell phones, designer clothes.

Psychiatrists say we’re raising a generation that is spoiled, materialistic and bored. It often starts with well-meaning parents who want to give their kids every advantage… and ends with kids who believe that what they have is more important than who they are.

There’s even a name for it: Affluenza. There is also a cure. Again, it starts with parents.

“What parents have to do first is be aware that this is as bad for their children as feeding them candy every day,” says Dr. Peter Whybrow, psychiatrist and neuroscientist.

In the video program, Affluenza, you’ll hear from real kids who have learned that greater affluence – more stuff – doesn’t lead to real happiness… and in fact, can take away from the things that do make us happy. Watch Affluenza with your family, and learn how you can help stop this “disease” from infecting your kids.