Carolina Springs Academy – Sue Scheff – A Thorn in WWASPS Side

Again, WWASPS (Carolina Springs Academy) like to tell twisted truths and outright lies to get an admission.I have defeated WWASPS in a jury trial in their home state of Utah in August 2004. I again defeated them the Supreme Court of Appeal in June 2006.

Read below a letter that a Sales Rep, Mark Peterson, of Teen Help aka WWASPS is writing about me – and I am sure the other Sales Reps are saying about me. I have removed the confidential information from the parent that sent it to me.

Ironically – right below it – I received an email from a victim of CSA – only minutes earlier – their name is withheld too. It didn’t take much for this parent to realize exactly who was telling the truth.

Read my story – – and also my essay on Admitting my Mistakes.

If you are a parent and getting feed back from Teen Help Sales Reps like this – think twice.

This is typical of what CSA and Teen Help Sales Reps (such as Lisa Irvin, Jane Hawley, Mark Peterson etc.) tell parents about me – however the Jury Verdict in my favor – the Supreme Court of Appeal in my favor – as well as the $11.3M jury verdict for damages done to me on the Internet – speaks volumes.

True – while I was under the spell of WWASP – I was satisfied – I knew no better – I attended their cult like seminars (in my opinion) and even though I had some ugly gut feelings, I thought I was doing what was best for my daughter. It wasn’t until my daughter came home (remember, she was there 6 months and I never saw her or spoke to her) – I only picked her up at 6 months since she ended up in the hospital and no one ever told me – I found out what actually happened to her once she was home several months, she was literally petrified she would have to go back.

True – I fought back, but not legally at the time – I posted our story online – WWASP sued me to get it down – I fought back to prove it was TRUE – and that is why I won! After almost $1M in legal fees – and a jury trial in Utah (their home state) I won – and my story stands strong on the Internet.

The truth prevailed – in all cases – and yes, I was a foolish and desperate parent that fell for their scam – and yes I participated in their referral program – but what they neglected to say is that I gave my referrals to a parent that had two kids in the program. This was all proven in a court of law – in a trial. But it is easier to leave it all out in a lame attempt to discredit me and get an enrollment.

Yes – there were referrals after my daughter was home – that is simply because of their excellence in marketing – there were hundreds of brochures released with my ID Code – so yes – I assume there were referrals in my name after my daughter was home.

Amazing – what stories will they create next? I guess this is called – Spin – They are spinning the story to meet their needs or sell their program – just my opinion. 

My voice is strong – my book – “Wit’s End!” also features my daughter’s voice. Hear her first hand experiences.

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 16:01:46 -0600 (MDT)
From: Mark Peterson <>
Re: enrollment approval


Our schools have a very high success rate. I hope that you will also understand that individual counseling with an adult therapist just isn’t effective or necessary for most teens. They do many, many times better in a group therapy setting. We do that at no extra fee. We also have a school (Cross Creek) with all the needed psycological counseling for those teens with serious emotional/psychological disturbances/issues. I would encourage you to look into this further to be sure you are not getting yourself or [name withheld] into a mess or paying more than necessary.We have been at this for a long time, are very good at it and have developed a very efficient program, thus the lower cost and high success.

Years ago Sue Scheff placed her daughter at Carolina Springs but removed her before program completion. She had no complaints at the time, liked our schools and referred parents to them until she was caught doing something unethical and greedy in the parent referral program. She was asked to stop her unethical practices. She then turned about face and started up her own group. You will notice her website refers to it.

Her website has contradictions and false claims all over it. Her parents “true” story is one fabrication after another. Also, to those who know the industry and the schools we represent, the supposed student affidavit “declaration under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 USCA 1746” totally perjurs itself

Mark Peterson
Admissions Advisor
Teen Help Adolescent Resources800-637-0701 x121


Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 7:36 PM
Subject: I attended carolina springs academy

Hi, My name is [name withheld], I was at Carolina Springs for almost 5 months. It was an incredibly abusive, and horrible environment. I know exactly what your daughter went through. I was picked on by other students, and the staff just sat there and laughed, and was also picked on by the staff as well. That is not the worst part though, I was also sexually molested by another student. I was extremely emotionally unstable, and when other students would pick on me, it was all I could do not to hit them. The only reason I didn’t was because I knew that I would go to jamaica, or costa rica. I had kids throwing things at me, and jumping out of the showers and throwing a towel over my head, and tossing me around, and the staff could have cared less. But when I would freak out and start crying, I would get in trouble, and they wouldn’t. The fact that the “upper levels” could be so called “junior staff,” it gave them a power trip, and that was when they would bully me the most. When I first went there, I had just turned 13, and the whole time I was there, I was the youngest. I have tourette’s syndrome, and when I would have muscle tics, I would get in trouble for being disruptive, breaking shutdown rules, etc. It was a nightmare. It was probably the worst time of my life. I would also get restrained, they would take me out back to the “OP” building, and one of the staff, which was usually Mr. Gus, would put one hand on my wrist, and the other hand on my elbow, and push my wrist down, and push my elbow up. It seemed like he really got a kick out of this. He would start yelling, and I was crying, and trying with everything that I had not to scream. I knew that if I did, I would most likely get beaten or something like that. I was scared, I was a little kid, for crying out loud. I was constantly threatened by one of the night staff(Mr. Tony) to be taken out behind the OP building, and be given an “old fashioned woodshed beatinng.” He would constantly say stuff like ” that woodshed’s calling your name [name withheld].” I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. I saw the documentary on wwasp, and I can’t imagine what it was like for Steven Frederickson to be in wwasp for five years. Five months alone seemed like forever to me, I would rather die than be there five years. My main concern is that I want to get wwasp shut down, and I won’t rest until they do. It’s awesome that you won that lawsuit against them, that is a tremendous victory. I’m also looking at filing a lawsuit against them, and doing whatever else it takes to get them shutdown, and all these kids home safely. I would really like to talk to you on the phone, if you get a chance, please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX, and ask for [name withheld], this is my Dad’s office phone. I really look forward to talking with you.
Thank you times a million, [name withheld]